Smart home automation has transformed the way people experience their day-to-day routines and special occasions. With smart technology, almost everything in your home — audio, video, lighting, security, and more — can be connected and easily controlled through a single device.

A brand with one of the best home automation systems is Savant. Electronic Concepts is a trusted Savant dealer — a partner you can rely on for expertise on Savant solutions. Here are some of the top Savant features you can integrate into your Basking Ridge, NJ, home.


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Have you ever wished you could instantly set the mood around you — lights, music, temperature — with the touch of a button? Savant has made that possible with Savant Scenes. Let’s say you want your home to help you wake up in the morning. You can create a “Good Morning” scene, where you can schedule motorized shades to raise and let in the morning sun for every room, and have the temperature warm up around your house. If you like to wake up with news, you can have your speakers play the latest news updates or program your TV to turn on automatically on the right channel.

Designing the right atmosphere for date night is also essential, so for your next dinner for two, you can customize a scene that turns on low lights, plays a soothing Spotify playlist, and sets a perfect cozy temperature. For “Cocktail Hour” with friends, you can set your patio and pool lights to illuminate your backyard as it turns to night outside, and have your outdoor speakers play your favorite jazz album.



With Savant profiles, you can make everyone in your home comfortable — from your spouse and kids to your babysitter and housekeeper. Creating profiles allows loved ones and guests to enjoy Savant whenever they’re in your home. With each user profile, every member can have quick access to their own scenes. Household users, like your family members, can be given both local and remote access to your Savant home. Remote access lets your family check in on your home from their mobile device, wherever they are in the world.



Savant’s Pro Remote X2 is Savant’s latest hand-held remote, and it delivers an unprecedented smart home experience. Savant users can access a full range of control for services like audio, video, climate, lighting, shades, and more through the device. You can program the remote to give a personalized control experience to anyone who touches it, and it’s effortless to switch between users. On top of being able to manage services with the tap of a button, you can even speak into the remote with Siri voice control integration. You’ll also love the remote’s high-resolution touch screen that helps you access everything you use most, including favorite channels, music, and scenes.


Electronic Concepts is ready to help you build and install a Savant system that’s perfect for you and your family. We’re a Savant Platinum integrator and dealer proudly serving the Basking Ridge area. Fill out our online contact form or give us a call for a no-obligation consultation!