Effortlessly Bring Your Media & Interior Design Together


Enjoy Your High-End Audio Performance Without Impacting Your Personal Style

Bringing a high-end audio system to your Westchester, NY home should never be a hassle, especially when considering your interior design. Many homeowners fear that an extensive sound system installation might mean intrusion upon their existing décor – but this is simply not the case!

With the right products and solutions, you can blend your system in with your personal home design and layout while still enjoying that optimal AV performance. A top-notch sound system should never come at the expense of losing your interior design and flair. Want to find out how you can keep and enjoy both? Just keep reading on below.

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Hidden High-End Speakers

Imagine this concept: audio equipment that is never seen – only heard and enjoyed. A hidden sound system setup means zero impact on your interior design, but an incredible performance from each speaker. But how can you achieve this near invisibility?

In-wall and in-ceiling high-end speaker installations are the key. You get a powerful auditory experience every time you press play, but you can also maintain your room’s design with no limitations. This type of installation clears clutter, creates more space for your décor, and also provides a surround sound setup. It also means you can fit more audio equipment into smaller spaces, such as a bathroom or a small dedicated listening room.

Now you can push a single button to fill up the room with your favorite tunes and media and immediately immerse yourself in audio that surrounds you from every angle – even above you, from the ceiling. This can take movie immersion to a new level as well. You’ll hear people and cars passing you from a scene up on your screen or hear a plane fly overhead as your speakers bring the crystal-clear sound right to your ears.

Bookshelf or Cabinet Speakers

Want an even simpler and more cost-effective way to keep your speakers out of the way but never out of earshot? Bookshelf or cabinet speakers are perfect if you have furniture in the room where you can easily accent the counters with small, but powerful speakers.

You can get an impressive sound performance without ever cutting open your walls with a timelier installation – and still preserving your personal design and style. It’s impeccable sound with minimal impact on your home décor.

Trusted Brands and Products

The best audio comes from the best brands in the industry – and here at Electronic Concepts, we only partner with the most trusted names. Don’t take a risk with a product installation that you’re not quite sure you can rely on; our team can guide you to the right solutions and brands for your sound system installation that guarantee quality performance every time you press play.


Never sacrifice the benefits of high-end audio in order to protect your interior design. You can merge both seamlessly. Want to learn more about these hidden features and how our team can help? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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