How to Get the Best Sound from Your High-End Speakers

How to Get the Best Sound from Your High-End Speakers

Simple Changes Can Make a Big Impact

Investing in high-end speakers is not a guarantee that you’ll produce the ultimate sound experience on your first try. Perfecting sound quality in your Morristown, NJ home can take some time and testing. The good news is you don’t have to be an audiophile to make adjustments - they are easy enough for anyone to make.

Remember, sound quality is subjective in many ways, and there’s no right or wrong way to do things. Continue reading for tips on simple changes you could make if you’d like to improve your hi-fi listening experience.



The acoustics of your space makes a big difference in the sound quality of your high-end speakers. For example, if your area has many hard surfaces, such as tile floors, stone countertops, and wooden furniture, it will create a large amount of sound reflection. As a result, these surfaces cause reverberating bass, harsher high tones, and an echo.

To improve the acoustics in a space with many hard surfaces, look for ways to soften them, including adding carpets, rugs, curtains, or cloth furniture to absorb some of the reflection. You could also consider adding acoustic wall treatments, canvas art, or books to bookshelves.

Speaker Placement

Of course, where you place your high-end speakers will impact the sound you hear. Position the speakers away from each other, and create an equilateral triangle between the left speaker, right speaker, and where you will sit. This triangle is called the “sweet spot” in the room, where you will hear the highest quality sound. If possible, position your speakers on stands about a foot from the wall and point them at the sweet spot.

The subwoofer should also be pulled away from the walls and placed between the two main speakers. Putting your subwoofer in a less-than-ideal location can significantly impact sound quality.

Speaker Wire

Invest in quality speaker wire; it will make a difference. High-end speakers need at least 12-gauge wire, but it also depends on the length of the run. Without quality speaker wire, your speaker sound could be underpowered, which means it will underperform your expectations. So choose a wire with quality construction, and when in doubt, test it out.

Receiver Settings

As mentioned earlier, high-end sound is often subjective, so we recommend playing around with your receiver or amplifier settings until you are satisfied. For instance, you can determine which speakers the bass plays from - you might want it to come solely from the subwoofer, or you may want to hear it from several speakers too. Also, what you are listening to can impact the sound, so adjust frequencies based on the genre or type of audio you are hearing.


If you’d like to get an expert opinion on your high-end speaker setup in your Morristown, NJ home, our hi-fi experts at Electronic Concepts would be happy to consult with you. Reach out to us at our showroom or through this online form.

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