What to Look for in a Smart Home Installer


Get the job done right by understanding home automation companies.

With so many home automation companies, it's nearly impossible to tell which one is right for your Bergen County, NJ project, unless you know what to look for. Many promise the same thing: simple control of technology systems. However, when you consider installation, you might understand the importance of partnering with an efficient, trusted professional. In this blog, we’ll showcase some key things you should look for in your next technology partner before calling. Keep reading for more.


Web Presence

It’s 2020 and, thanks to recent events, much of the world is operating online. So any smart home integratorworth their salt should possess a strong web presence. An easy-to-navigate website is essential. More people reach out through the internet than ever before, and a good website acts as a digital storefront. If you wouldn't shop at a place with broken windows and lousy lighting, why would you want an integration company that doesn't put effort into its web appearance?

Previous Work

A good company isn’t afraid to show off its past work, including inspiration galleries, portfolios, and materials that help you understand what the company has to offer. Some integrators promise to deliver a high-functioning system, but users aren't happy with the results. An expert installer will consider what the tech will look like once it's installed, where the cabling goes, and how to hide unnecessary components. How they present their previous work can be a big clue as to how they'll complete your project.

Knowledge Base

Smart home integratorsshould do more than install your technology. They should be a guide to everything about home tech. Whether you're building the home theater of your dreams or exploring the possibilities of smart lighting, your technology partner should deliver the best results that fit your needs and budget. If you want to make sure your integrator is an expert, find out if they have an easily accessible knowledge base on their website to answer the questions you didn't think to ask.


Of course, you probably won’t know if a smart home company is right for you unless you’ve spoken to them. At Electronic Concepts, we’re ready to answer all your most pressing questions.

If you’re in the market to simplify your technology and automate your lifestyle, click here or call us at 201-880-1872 today!

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