Smart home automation is designed to make everyday moments at home more comfortable for you and your family. You can integrate your home’s audio, video, lighting, climate, shades, and security into one system and manage it all with the touch of a button. The possibilities of what and how you control your spaces are limitless.

Are you curious about what you can do with smart technology in your Short Hills, NJ, home? We’ll walk you through a day of living with a home automation system.


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Have you ever wished you could raise your blinds from the comfort of your bed after waking up? Smart home automation allows you to do so through motorized window treatments. You can program your blinds, shades, and drapes to raise automatically when they sense the morning light — or have them go up at whatever time you please.

Your home can warm up every morning to your preferred temperature, so you won’t have to fiddle with your thermostat. If you feel like it’s too warm, you can adjust the temperature through an app on your phone, a smart remote, or a voice command.



If you’re working from home, you’re probably a few hours into your workday by the time it’s noon. How’s the lighting in your home office? Many offices use harsh fluorescent lighting in their workspaces — you don’t have to settle for that type of light. In fact, doing so could be harmful; standard artificial lighting can negatively impact your physical and mental health and affect your overall productivity.

You can incorporate tunable circadian lights — lights that mimic sunlight — in your home office, which will benefit your well-being every day. Tunable lights allow you to adjust the color temperature of your lighting fixtures, which helps you balance your circadian rhythm and receive the health benefits of sunlight. You can integrate your tunable lights into your home automation system so that they’ll turn on automatically and change colors, hues, and tones throughout the day.



A great way to end the workday is doing a fun workout. If you want to exercise in your home gym, you can stream a virtual fitness class on your 4K UHD TV that connects with high-performance speakers. If you feel like doing part of your workout in your backyard, you can have your outdoor entertainment system play the same class, all with the touch of a button.



If you prefer a certain ambiance during dinnertime — like dimmer lights and a soothing, instrumental playlist — you can set that as a “scene” that turns on automatically every evening. If you want to watch a movie with your family after dinner, you can hang out in your media room and easily switch between Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc. with your smart remote, using your phone, or voice commands. 

When it’s time for bed, you can use the same remote or app to lower your home’s thermostat, turn off the lights, and check that every door is locked — all through a scene you can label as “Goodnight.”


These are just some of the solutions you can incorporate into your smart home, and we hope you’re interested in building your own home automation system. At Electronic Concepts, we help our clients design smart home systems that balance budget, quality, and aesthetics. Learn more by calling us today or visiting our contact page.

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