How Can You Integrate Voice Command into Your Daily Life?


Take Your Smart Home to the Next Level

With new innovations coming to the smart home industry every year, voice control has become more prevalent in everyday home systems and setups. Homeowners find it increasingly easier to bring this solution to their daily routine with zero hassle.

But voice command and control might still sound a bit daunting to you – how can you seamlessly integrate a solution that feels so futuristic and intangible into your Westchester, NY smart home system?

In this blog, we’ll show you just what this technology can do for your day-to-day routine and how easy it is to incorporate into your lifestyle. Learn how voice control incorporates into the rest of your smart home by reading on below!


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Improve Your Home Security

When it comes to your family’s safety and protection, you never want to compromise. Quality security and surveillance can ease your worries and grant you peace of mind with top-notch cameras, alarms, and features throughout your property that inform you about your home’s status at all times.

Voice command simplifies your home’s security. You don’t have to reach for a wall keypad or look for a remote – or even pull up an app on your smartphone – to activate your security alarms and features. Now, on your way out the door for work or to run an errand, you can ask your system if every door is secured or if a window is open. Your system will ensure every door and window is locked.

As you head to bed, you can ask to arm your burglar alarms when you know everyone is tucked in for the night. Even turn on your landscape lighting with a few words, ensuring your property and its surrounding areas are well-lit throughout the night. Now you can sleep easy knowing your family is well-protected and safe at all times.


Give Your Morning Wake-Up a Boost

Make every morning one that motivates and prepares you for the day. Smart automation gives you the ability to schedule your motorized shades to raise, your lights to brighten slowly, and your favorite song to play as you wake up and get ready in the morning.

However, not every morning requires the same routine. Sometimes you want to sleep in or not wake up to the sun streaming into your room through the raised-up shades when you wake up. Use voice control to make changes easily and quickly.

As you wake up, you can ask your system to keep your shades lowered and your lights dimmed down. You can even adjust your smart thermostat to your liking to create a comfortable, cozy atmosphere as you relax in bed. Make every change without rolling out of bed – that’s the power of voice command.


No Remote, No Problem

There’s no doubt that smart devices and remotes add effortlessness to your smart home system setup. You can make and create scenes and schedules or on-the-fly adjustments with just a few presses of a button on your remote. But what if you didn’t have to search for the remote or walk over to grab it when you’re right in the middle of doing something?

You won’t need to leave the couch in the middle of a TV show-viewing or move across the living room when you’re talking to a family member or friend. With just a few words, you can have your entire smart home system under your control. Lower your media’s volume in your home theater, adjust the family room shades, turn on every lighting fixture, and manage every component in your system by just saying a simple phrase. It’s that easy with voice control. 


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