Savant Home Automation Brings Comfort to Your Space

Savant Home Automation Brings Comfort to Your Space

Enjoy Heating and Cooling Convenience with the Savant MultiStat

There are many ways that Savant home automation makes your life more convenient. For example, you can program lighting sequences, install motorized shades, manage audio and video throughout your residence, and monitor the security of your home while you’re away. 

In addition to those great features, Savant offers an intelligent comfort control called Savant Multistat. While indoor comfort technology has been in the smart home ecosystem for a while, nothing compares to the Savant Multistat. This automated thermostat is more than meets the eye.

Keep reading for more information on this unique smart device, part of Savant home automation that can bring a whole new level of intelligent comfort to your Short Hills, NJ home.

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Beyond Comfort

The Savant Multistat takes home thermostats to the next level by connecting information about the inside and outdoor climate. It also combines other intelligent features of your home to integrate climate control into preset Savant scenes.

For instance, if you have a preset scene called “Vacation,” Savant will time lights to switch on and off throughout the day, motorized shades to raise and lower, landscape lighting to switch on at night, and the temperature of the home to be 10-degrees warmer, saving on cooling costs while you’re not there.

This integration beyond the HVAC system level makes Savant Multistat unique in the world of intelligent climate control.

48 Zones

The Savant Multistat can monitor 48 different comfort zones throughout your home. Using an integrated sensor system, the Multistat monitors temperatures and humidity levels, among other things, inside and outside the house. 

Users can schedule temperature adjustments for specific times and days of the week. For instance, you can even preprogram temperature adjustments to coincide with the change in seasons. Quickly access the Multistat’s functionality through your smartphone using the Savant Pro app or a high-resolution touchscreen panel in your home.


What’s the weather forecast? Will you need an umbrella today? Savant Multistat can show you this helpful information and the current temperature when you’re ready to venture outside. You can also program climate-related notifications to be sent directly to your smartphone and always know what’s happening at home.

Nothing is better than coming home from summer vacation to a perfectly cooled room, ready for relaxation. So be sure to set your Savant Multistat to the perfect temperature on your way home from the airport, so you’ll walk into a pleasant climate oasis.


Are you ready to learn more about Savant home automation, including Savant Multistat, for your Short Hills, NJ home? We’d love to give you a tour of the technology in our showroom or schedule an appointment using this online form. As a Savant Authorized Platinum Dealer, we are your go-to resource for home automation.