Where Will You Sit at Your Dream Home Theater?

Where Will You Sit at Your Dream Home Theater?

Custom Home Theater Seating Is Essential for a True Cinematic Experience

When thinking about a home theater for your new place, it is easy to focus on the latest AV systems featured in magazines and online articles. They all seem amazing, and you already know which brands you like best. From our hundreds of past projects, we can tell you that when installed correctly, these systems look and sound just as you imagine! But there is one aspect of any cinematic experience that many of our clients at Electronic Concepts in Short Hills NJ, often overlook: home theater seating

In this article, we will explore why designing the right seating arrangement and installing custom chairs are both essential for a top performance at your next home theater!

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Designing Your Theater Layout

When designing your next home theater, it is important to consider the limitations and opportunities inherent to your new place. Whereas smaller rooms are often better suited for TV screens, larger spaces may benefit from a projector and retractable screen. 

The seating layout is just as important. After all, depending on the location and size of the projector screen, a minimum distance to the front row seats must be kept. 

To achieve immersive surround sound, the positioning of speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers also depends on the room and seating configurations. What do we mean by that? Take speakers as an example. Based on the position of your seating rows, a professional installer will layout and calibrate your speakers for an optimal acoustic performance. 

The Best Seat in the House 

Home theater seating comes in many shapes and sizes from the traditional leather recliners to plush lounge chairs. In your initial consultation we’ll find out what your viewing preferences are to help you find the seating option that makes the most sense.

Since these seats are designed for home theater use, they take special care to use fabrics that won’t affect your acoustic performance. Models come in various colors and fabrics so they also fit the style you have in mind for your theater. 

Many of the top brands for in-home theater seating include features such as built-in control panels that seamlessly integrate with leading automation platforms. As Platinum Savant integrators and brand ambassadors, that means we can program everything to be operated from the comfort of your armrest!


From plush, comfortable seats to state-of-the-art audio and video, Electronic Concepts is here to turn the home theater of your dreams into a reality. Contact us to learn more, or visit our showroom and see firsthand why there is no other place like it in North New Jersey!