How to Transform Your Patio into the Ultimate Entertainment Space


Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces in Style with These Patio Design Tips 

Is it hard to find the right time to use the patio throughout the year? While sometimes it’s easy (and fair) to blame the cold weather, the problem is usually that we haven’t set up our patios for success. It's wonderful to take in the fresh spring or summer breeze with a nice drink in hand, but it gets boring pretty fast if all you have set up are a few chairs and tables. 

So what can you do to make your patio more of a destination for the whole family? Below we offer some fun design tips from outdoor entertainment systems to wood pizza ovens for an exciting dinner for the entire family in your Morris County, NJ.

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3 Outdoor Speaker Series to Boost Your Alfresco Fun All Year Round


Bring more fun and joy to your outdoor areas with a world-class sound system!

Spending time outdoors makes everything taste a little better. Food is more delicious, drinks are more refreshing, and the moments with family and friends become unforgettable. But, do you know what a great way to improve this whole experience is? Through an outdoor speaker system installation! 

Whether you are enjoying smooth jazz at a fancy dinner party or recreating the nightclub experience in your yard, rest assured that our installations are just what you need to enhance the fun of your home in Bergen County, NJ. 

Keep reading our blog to learn more about the three top outdoor speaker series you can incorporate into your spaces.

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What Does a Premium Outdoor Entertainment Installation Look Like?


Outdoor AV Helps You Make the Most of These Summer Nights!

As summer gets into full swing, you want to create the ultimate gathering spot for your friends and family to spend time together and truly immerse themselves in top-notch media. But why limit the fun to your indoors? An outdoor entertainment installation can liven up your Morris County, NJ, backyard and patio areas and provide the perfect space for everyone to gather this summer - and all year long!

But don’t go at this type of installation on your own - when you team up with Electronic Concepts, you can rest assured that your outdoor entertainment system runs smoothly from start to finish. Upgrade your outdoor AV setup today with ease! Learn how by reading below.

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Bring a Professional Landscape Lighting Installation to Your Property


Elevate Your Outdoor Spaces with Brightness, Comfort, & Safety

As the summer nights bring more time spent with loved ones well into the evenings and long after the sun has set, you still want your outdoor spaces to serve as the safe and cozy spaces for everyone they did during the day. Create the go-to spot right in your own Westchester, NY backyard and across your entire property with a professional landscape lighting installation from our team at Electronic Concepts.

Make the most of your outdoor spaces with brightened and secured areas that you can easily traverse - and now, enjoy their decor and design both day and night. Want to learn more about this high-end setup for your property? Keep reading on below.

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The Top High-End Audio Speakers Every Audiophile Would Love


Enjoy music the way the artist intended with these outstanding Magico speakers!

Music is one of the most inspiring forms of art. With high-end audio speakers, listening to music can become a whole new experience. At Electronic Concepts, we partner with Magico, a world-famous brand leading the audio industry, to provide the highest-quality sound capable of satisfying the discerning ear of an audiophile. 

Keep reading our blog to learn more about three Magico speakers that will elevate your listening experience in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

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