Should You Install Your Own High-End Speakers?

Should You Install Your Own High-End Speakers?

A High-End Speaker Installation Is Better Left to the Experts. Good News Is That We Can Help!

Audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike often believe a high-end speaker installation is a project they can do on their own. Some of you may be up to the taks, but could take weeks or months to get your audio system in order. For many others, the issues and drawbacks of a DIY installation become evident the moment a speaker comes out of its box. At Electronic Concepts, we are here to help, bringing you the latest technology systems and installation practices for an unforgettable listening experience at home in Morris County, NJ. 

Here are a few reasons to illustrate why high-end speakers should be installed, programmed, and integrated by an expert.

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A Complex Installation Process

Installing high-end speakers requires technical expertise and knowledge of electrical wiring, acoustics, and sound engineering, making the installation process both complex and time-consuming. Without the necessary skills, you may end up damaging the speakers or causing other issues, such as poor sound quality, interference, or even electrical fires.

Besides, speakers alone are not enough for top-quality sound, and picking the right subwoofer and other equipment for your audio system is just as important. Depending on each brand, there may also be additional calibrating and fine tuning. For example, B&W speakers are perfect for whole-home audio, but drivers must be oriented manually to distribute sound efficiency to every space. 

HiFi Audio Anywhere at Home

Poor sound quality is an audiophile’s worst nightmare. One mistake during installation, and you may end up with very expensive, yet underperforming speakers. Place the speakers too far apart, or too close to walls and corners, or at the wrong height, and overall audio quality will suffer. Even top-shelf products like the new Perlisten S7T Tower Speaker, with the highest possible THX-Dominus certified rating can potentially turn into a dud in the wrong hands.Not only do we find the right placement for the speakers but calibrate it to the specific room dimensions using special software. 

Did You Think About the Warranty?

There is always a risk of damage when installing high-end speakers. If you are working with a certified dealer, your products remain under warranty during and after installation. If you are on your own, well, you are on your own! High-end speakers are often made of delicate and expensive materials, such as Kevlar, carbon fiber, or titanium, and they may be easily damaged if not handled properly. A DIY project is ill advised which is why most of these products are only available through certified dealers. 

If you want to learn more about the best high-end speakers for your home, why not visit our showroom to hear them in action? Or if you can’t make it, contacting us is as easy as tapping on your smartphone!

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