Top Reasons to Visit a Hi-Fi Audio Store


Find the perfect solutions for your whole-home audio, media room, and home theater at Electronic Concepts’ Showroom

If you love listening to music, you should never compromise on the sound quality. Sure, your earbuds or headphones offer a certain level of audio immersion, but are they really giving you what you want? Even your old stereo system – does it provide the incredible sound quality you crave?

A hi-fi system (or an audiophile worthy one) makes you appreciate music even more because of its intense attention to detail and music purity. You can hear every note and beat like it was meant to be heard. But before you start searching for a “hi-fi audio store near me,” let’s look at the top reasons you should only buy from a hi-fi store in the first place.

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How to Choose the Perfect Theater Screens for Your Home Theater


Enhance Your Movie-Watching Experience With The Best Display Possible

Why go to the movies when you can get a cinematic experience at your home in Westchester, NY? When you have a home theater, you can personalize everything to your liking – from the seating and design to the audio and video display. 

Whether you’re just beginning the planning process, or you have already begun the design, a key component of home theaters will always be the theater screen. While many wide-screen TVs exist, high-end theater screens, along with laser projectors, remain the top solutions for home cinemas. But how can you choose the best screen?

Read on to learn about the three things to consider, so you can have an amazing viewing experience in your custom home theater. 

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Bring Hi-Fi Quality to Your Music Streaming


dCS’ Mosaic Platform Provides Easy Access and the Ultimate Audio Quality 

Audiophiles have seen audio reproduction revolutionized over the past decade as streaming became one of the primary ways to enjoy classic recordings and discover new music. Unfortunately, for most of that ‘revolution,’ convenience has taken precedence over quality as most audio files were compressed to be easily streamed over the internet. 

Some of the audio industry’s biggest players have addressed this challenge head-on. dCS, in particular, is dedicated to bringing digital music to the same high standards as its analog forebears. Their digital-analog converters are some of the best in the industry, and all include the company’s Mosaic platform. 

The Mosaic platform delivers a seamless listening experience and unprecedented quality through a trademark combination of hardware and software solutions. As the top dCS dealer serving Westchester, NY, we’d love to show you why it’s a must-have addition for your hi-fi setup.

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Why You Should Support Your Local Hi-Fi Showroom


Discover why shopping local is better than going to a big-box store

Hi-fidelity speakers offer an unprecedented audio experience, bringing music as the creator intended into the comfort of your home. Whether you are a music lover interested in trying hi-fi for the first time or an experienced audiophile who wants to upgrade their existing system, we recommend experiencing speakers in person before bringing them into your home. Read on to learn why it is important that you work with a local Hi-Fi showroom in Morris County, NJ, rather than one owned by a large corporation.

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Create an Automated Space with Smart Home Installation


Make your home more luxurious, convenient, and energy-efficient with home automation

Smart homes have become mainstream. So now, more and more homeowners are looking for new ways to add automation and smart devices to their lives. Even though smart technology is highly sophisticated, it is easy to use – especially when a smart home integrator like Electronic Concepts sets up a system for you. 

Read on to discover the benefits of smart home installation and how a home automation system can make your Westchester, NY, a luxurious, energy-efficient, and automated living space. 

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