Bring Your Style and AV Together in Your Home Theater Design


Create the Perfect Space for Movie Nights and Casual Hangouts

A home theater should be the go-to place in your home for any type of media viewing or gathering with friends. But does a completely immersive entertainment setup have to hinder your personal stylistic choices? A top-notch home theater design will keep both your décor and AV functionality intact.

Create a multi-purpose viewing space in your Basking Ridge, NJ home with hidden solutions that merge perfectly with their surrounding décor. Want to learn more about these features? Just keep reading below.


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Hidden 4K Visuals

What is a movie night without a vivid, crystal-clear screen to watch your favorite films? The way your media looks plays a significant role in your home theater design. But achieving that 4K Ultra HD picture quality doesn’t mean large screens or projectors taking up space when not in use. Hidden video features help you avoid having a blank screen up on the wall while you’re spending time with loved ones.

By simply pressing a button, you can lower your projector, projector screen or flat-screen TV from the ceiling in seconds. This equipment is entirely out of sight when not in use but can reveal itself with zero hassle instantly.

Another option is to conceal your flat-screen TVs behind a wall panel that slides over the screen. This panel can display artwork or photographs, adding flair to your interior design or helping to bolster its overall aesthetic.

Mirror screens can make the room feel bigger and add overall elegance to the home theater space when the TV is turned off. There are a variety of options when it comes to hiding and revealing your projectors and screens; you get to decide just how visible your equipment is.


High-End Audio Equipment

Just as visuals play an important part in a viewing, audio performance is just as critical. While standing loudspeakers deliver top-quality sound and offer a more traditional theater look, they can be quite intrusive on your design.

Other types of speakers include bookshelf speakers. These are small in size and can be placed on furniture or shelves. They’ll make less of an impact on your existing décor and produce high-fidelity audio that reaches every ear in the theater.

However, if you’re looking for nearly invisible speakers, then in-wall and in-ceiling ones are for you. These types of speakers are heard, but never seen, while still delivering audio that envelops you in your media. You will be able to create the ultimate surround sound setup by installing multiple in-surface speakers at the front of the room, at the back, and even overhead – all without disrupting your theater design. It’s total media immersion right in your own home.


Imagine a home cinema that lets you enjoy a movie as you’ve never experienced it before – while never hindering your personal theater design. You can learn more about attaining this setup by giving our team a call or filling out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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