KEF: The Solution for All Your Home Audio Needs

KEF: The Solution for All Your Home Audio Needs

Add High-Performance Sound in Any Environment with KEF

KEF speakers have been at the forefront of hi-fi audio since the British company was founded in 1961. Built on a strong engineering background, the company constantly innovates to deliver immersive soundscapes in almost any environment. After more than five decades, the result is a wide selection of models ranging from their legendary “Reference” speakers to architectural speakers ideal for whole-home applications.

This blog highlights some of their standout speakers, but there is much more that KEF has to offer your Shore Hills, NJ home! A visit to our showroom is still the best way to learn about this industry giant’s offerings. 

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Hi-Fi Sound 

The flagship Reference 5 Meta is still the standard by which all others are judged. The first iteration of The Reference came out in 1973, boasting cutting-edge digital technologies. Over the years, it’s evolved to include new KEF engineering innovations. The latest model, for example, has Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT™), which eliminates almost all unwanted noise for a pristine sound. It also includes the company’s Uni-Q® driver array that evenly distributes audio throughout the room, so every listener gets a “sweet spot” sound. Design-forward loudspeakers are also available in the flagship Muon and Blade series. 

Home Theater 

Home theater systems from KEF are available as both pre-packaged solutions or separate unit. Each has pros and cons, depending on your room dimensions and how you want to use the theater. For example, low-profile speakers from the T-series deliver powerful, immersive sound with a stylistic aesthetic perfect for theaters or media rooms. The series includes center channel and surround speakers in-wall or floor-standing models. Otherwise, opt for the more powerful Reference line featuring speakers with the company’s Uni-Q driver array and bass drivers for a setup that can also serve hi-fi applications. 

Architectural Speakers 

Architectural speakers deliver the traditional KEF hi-fi sound without the physical footprint. Revamp your whole-home audio, media room or theater while keeping your decor intact. Enjoy crisp, natural sound throughout the house with their in-ceiling speakers available in round or square apertures to match your light fixtures. Add unprecedented depth to your surround sound with KEF’s THX-certified in-wall speakers and subwoofers. Outfitted with an ultra-thin bezel design, these speakers are just four inches deep but still deliver a typical box speaker’s high output and steady frequency response. Meanwhile, the Ci line of in-wall speakers spreads sound over a wider area, allowing you to cover a media room using fewer speakers. 


Unleash the true power of your favorite albums or movies with a KEF sound system. Listen to their top models firsthand at our state-of-the-art showroom. Not only will you be able to test drive them, but we’ll advise you on the ones that might work best for you, depending on your preferences. To schedule a one-on-one demo, give us a call, fill out our contact form or chat with us below.

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