Secure Your Home with a Top-Notch Landscape Lighting Design


What Outdoor Lighting Adds to Your Smart Security

You’ve more than likely been spending the majority of your time at home these days. Your top priority is always making your family feel safe and stay well protected during this period of uncertainty. A smart home security system can alleviate your fears, but your system is only as good as its multiple components.

Have you considered how your Short Hills, NJ landscape lighting design factors into your security setup? While your outdoor lighting can give your curb appeal a major boost, it can also heighten your security and surveillance in a variety of ways. Want to find out how? Keep reading on below for more.

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Well-Lit Exteriors

Landscape lighting can beautify not only the front of your home but your whole property. But a well-lit property isn’t just for aesthetics – it can strengthen your security.

Keeping your home looking lived in and occupied right now is a must, as typical life has gotten a bit uncertain – you don’t want to give burglars any reason to use their time to break into your home. With a well-lit home, you can give off a proud and lived-in presence, letting intruders know you’re inside for the time being and to steer them away. 

Scare Intruders Away 

Afraid that burglars will still try and make a move on your home? Lighting can be used as a scare tactic as well. At night, you can have a motion detection system turned on. When unwanted guests get too close to your property and house, your lights can flood the area – scaring them off and keeping them away. 

What about porch pirates? During this time, when you could have more packages delivered that sit around your door for a while as you wait for germs to die off – your deliveries are vulnerable to any thieves eyeing entryways for this very purpose. Now you can flood your front door area with lighting any time your surveillance and motion sensors pick up movement, keeping your packages safe and where they should stay.

Brighten Up Your Surveillance Image Quality

The same lights that can scare away intruders can also help you when you view surveillance footage. With the bright lights flooding your property once motion is detected, you won’t have to real-time watch or review surveillance video in grainy, dark quality.

Watch your footage with a clearer image, helping you better identify what and who you see in the recorded video – letting you assess the situation better and offer clearer footage to the authorities.


Want to learn even more about the many benefits of an incredible landscape lighting design and how it can help enhance your smart home security and surveillance? Feel free to give our team at Electronic Concepts a call or fill out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!




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