4 Different Ways to Manage Your Lighting Control System


Explore How Easy It Is to Operate Your Fixtures

Lighting control systems have endless benefits for your daily life in your Franklin Lakes, NJ home. But did you know they can simplify your everyday routines as well, by making their management a breeze? 

In this blog, we’ll dive into the various ways you can operate your entire lighting system and its many features and fixtures. Keep reading below to see just how easy it is to control your smart lighting at all times.

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Stylish Keypads 

Imagine walking into one room and having a way to instantly control every lighting fixture in there. With wall keypads, you can fully utilize “scenes” for your lighting and shading. Now you won’t have switches cluttering your walls but instead have stylish, elegant keypads that can clearly display the scene you want. No more walking from one switch to the next, turning on certain lights and turning off others – now you can create a scene and have all the fixtures respond in one go. Custom design your keypads to have them blend in seamlessly with your interior design and décor.


The ability to dim your lighting fixtures is a game-changer. You can adjust your lights’ intensity and brightness with ease, helping you create the ideal environment for any occasion or situation in your home. Hosting a dinner party? Dim the lights in your dining room, creating ambiance and a comfortable atmosphere. Mount your dimmers flush against your wall for a more stylistic option. 

Touchpads and Tablets

Take your lighting management up a level. With dedicated touchpads placed in each room, you can pick up a tablet, and with a tap of a button – you have the entire lighting system at your fingertips. Adjust the brightness, color temperature, and select certain scenes. You can even turn off every light at once or see which rooms still have lights on before you leave the house. Place your touchpads on tables, counters, or even on the wall – it’s that easy.

Smart Apps

You can pull up your system’s interface on your home tablets or from the convenience of your smartphone. This means you can take control of your lighting system anywhere. If you’re on your way out the door and forgot to check the lights, you can simply pull your phone out and see which ones are still on. Check at work or anywhere in the world that has Wi-Fi. You can even turn a “Welcome Home” scene on that turns on your foyer lights or your landscape lighting when the sun is down.


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