What Can an Outdoor Audio System Do for Your Backyard?


Elevate Your Property With High-End Speakers and Equipment

As this summer shapes up to be entirely different than those that have come before it, you might find you and your family spending more time at home – and for the most part – indoors. But staying home doesn’t mean you need to stay cooped up inside!

With an upgraded outdoor audio system, you can take your entire Westchester, NY backyard and patio to a brand-new level. In this blog, we’ll dive into what makes up this sound setup, and how it can benefit your whole family this season.

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Crystal-Clear Performance and Coverage

High-end sound performance shouldn’t be limited to within your four walls. Pressing a button to stream your favorite artists and playlists can be just as easy outdoors, from your backdoor to the far reaches of your landscape.

An outdoor system provides impeccable audio performance throughout your yard and property, ensuring you have even and balanced audio coverage for every last square inch. High-fidelity speakers and equipment are stylistically designed to blend in seamlessly with your backyard’s décor while never compromising on sound delivery.


Audio Equipment to Endure the Worst

For peak sound performance outdoors, your system will, of course, need speakers and equipment that can withstand anything the outdoors throws at them. With durable products that can take on even the harshest storms and weather, you can rest assured that your system will continue to deliver optimum audio even after rain, hail, or flooding.

Even the most extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, won’t affect your speakers. Never again worry about any rogue splashes from the pool ruining your equipment nearby! You can listen to your music and media without ever questioning if today whether your system will function properly or not.


Proper Installation from Our Team

A professional system installation from our team at Electronic Concepts can ensure that every one of your speakers and products is installed properly and with care – and with your backyard’s entire soundscape in mind. We want to guarantee that no matter where you’re standing outside, you’ll be able to hear incredible high-end audio.

With speakers facing your house, the sound will reflect off its exteriors and bounce back into your yard. This keeps the sound contained within your own property, for every family member and guest to hear – and prevents it from leaking over into your neighbors’ yard.


Endless Ways to Enjoy

An outdoor audio system means you can make the most of this summer with just a press of a button. Choose from a streaming service, a vinyl record, your personal collection, or the latest album from your favorite artist. Search through an infinite amount of songs, switch from one album or playlist to the next, and adjust volume with ease.

Listen to music, start a new audiobook or podcast, or even turn on ambient sounds to relax and unwind to while you rest by the pool. The options are endless when it comes to a backyard audio system.


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