What Do You Get From a Home Cinema Design?

What Do You Get From a Home Cinema Design?

How Your New or Updated Home Cinema Can Surpass the Experience of Commercial Theaters

What makes a great movie theater? A rotating schedule of all the latest movies certainly helps. So does the quality of the AV systems, the comfort of its seats, and even the prices and food temperatures at the concession stand. Unfortunately, long lines, loud crowds, and cold, stale popcorn are also part of some commercial theaters. But what if you could have all the benefits of the local theater and none of the hassle? 

If you are in Short Hills, NJ, Electronic Concepts can take care of your home cinema design and installation project, giving you an unparalleled movie-watching experience guaranteed to surpass even the best local theaters. 

Read on to learn more about the advantages of having a professional design and install your next home theater.

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Unlimited Customization 

A state-of-the-art home theater can transform the movie-watching experience through virtually unlimited control and customization options. For example, professionally designed lighting, integral to any cinema, can be adjusted at the tap of your smartphone or universal remote. Is the room too bright? No problem. Tap a button or icon, and watch the motorized shades roll down and smart lights dim to the perfect, pre-personalized hue. 

Depending on available space, a designer will help with the seating arrangement, layout, and acoustic treatments for your walls and ceiling. Do you need flexibility? Opt for easy-to-move, plush chairs, a motorized projector screen from Future Automation, and a short-throw LED projector. Is there room to spare? Why not go all out with several rows of theater chairs and a massive Ultra HD 8K TV screen.

Unparalleled Performance 

Partnering with the right brands is essential to achieve reference sound and video quality. At Electronic Concepts, we work with leading industry names like Meridian, Dan D'Agostino, and Definitive Technology, bringing immersive audio to home theaters of all shapes and sizes. The ProCinema 6D by Electronic Concepts is a case in point. With its compact array of a central channel and satellite speakers and a 250-watt subwoofer with 8” woofer and bass radiators, you get a sparkly treble, wide dispersion, and adeep bass, no matter your home theater’s dimensions. 

Comfort & Convenience

Who could forget about the comfort and convenience of having the movies come to you? No longer will you have to wait in line or settle for a pale hotdog and flavorless popcorn. And gone will be the days of loud crowds and underperforming AV systems. With a Savant control system, you will now set the perfect mood for any movie with just a tap, making your only concern to get the popcorn temperature just right!  

If you are tired of the local commercial theater and want to add value and entertainment to your smart home, contact us so we can design and install your next home cinema!