Let’s Automate Your Whole Home!

Let’s Automate Your Whole Home!

Whole-Home Automation Optimizes the Performance of Your Technology Systems and Enhances Your Lifestyle

If you are interested in smart home devices, you probably already know the sheer number of brands and products available is staggering. As technology continues to evolve, this number is only going to increase. Integrating and automating all these products into a cohesive system is key to optimal performance, and there is no substitute for hiring an expert to help with the installation process. 

When it comes to whole-home automation in Franklin Lakes, NJ, the experts at Electronic Concepts are here to help. With years of local expertise and dozens of brand partnerships with the top industry names, we will design and install a system tailored perfectly to your lifestyle. 

Read on to learn how automating your home leads to dependable performance from every smart device, convenience and comfort, and a healthier, smarter lifestyle.

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One Control to Rule Them All

What could be simpler than controlling your entire home from a single device? 

As Platinum Savant integrators, we offer you control options ranging from a mobile app on your smartphone to the Savant Pro Remote X2 and touchscreen interfaces. So, whether it is entertainment, lighting, or energy management, control of every smart device you own will be at your fingertips. Even if you are far away from home, the Savant app comes with industry-leading remote management options. For example, you can easily create multiple user profiles and customize authorization options for everyone, from the kids to their nanny. 

Every smart device will work better when automated. Are you looking for the ultimate entertainment hub at home? Customize Sonos playlists for separate spaces, stream content from multiple platforms, and set the mood for any movie without getting up from the couch. Are your energy bills climbing higher every month? Use the Savant to automate your smart lights and thermostat on a schedule, and manage energy consumption through a Savant Power system. 

Live a Safer, Healthier Life

Did you know that home automation is also conducive to better health and safety? When installed and programmed correctly, tunable lights can have a significant impact on your health. For instance, if you need to work late on a last-minute project, set the lights at the home office to a warm white temperature and watch your productivity improve. Are you in need of some well-deserved rest? An amber hue for the bedroom lights promotes relaxation and better sleep. Is security a concern? Savant Security integrates seamlessly with brands like Ring, enhancing security from the video doorbell to the hidden nanny cam. 

No matter the device or technology system, automation is the key to an efficient smart home. Contact us, and we will set you on your way to a safer, smarter, and more efficient lifestyle.